• Arnold Params

    We’ve been using FieldMapper with ActiveModel::Validations for robust param validation in our Rack/Rails apps with great results.

  • How to Manage Effectively

    I’ve been listening to The Personal MBA recently. It’s chock-full of great information. I just finished the section on management & wanted to capture a few notes that I found especially helpful.

  • Understanding Pointers

    Pointers are perhaps the least approachable subject related to software development. I posit that it’s due to poor examples written by advanced engineers who’ve forgotten what it’s like for devs with less understanding. Here’s my stab at explaining them.

  • Don't Rely on Github to Build Jekyll

    Apparently my local Jekyll configuration has drifted from Github’s. Yesterday my Jekyll based Github Pages site would no longer build on Github… even though things worked fine locally.

  • ActiveRecord & Scopes that Perform

    I’m currently using Rails with PostgreSQL and am taking advantage of some advanced features within my named scopes. Primarily trigram text comparisons and some PostGIS distance queries.

  • MicroTest - ruby's no-nonsense testing framework
  • MicroMock - a tiny mocking framework
  • Legion - concurrent processing made easy
  • Hero - simplify complex apps with process modeling
  • Coast - rest for rails controllers
  • Goldmine - pivot tables for the rubyist
  • Coin - an absurdly simple in memory object caching system
  • CoinRack - a simple rack app that provides a rest interface to coin
  • Grumpy Old Man - asserts for rspec
  • ModelProbe - introspect the schema behind your models at runtime
  • Footing - utility lib with sane monkey patching
  • Grand - mysql data archiver
  • CityDiff - compare your favorite cities

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